ZD850 Full Carbon Fiber $80

Item No.: 6565

Product Description

ZD850 Full Carbon Fiber ZD 850 Frame Kit with Unflodable Landing Gear Foldable Arm for FPV DIY Aircraft Hexacopter JMT

Not assembled, please notice that, and just the frame, no other spare parts included.

Product description:

Arm with upturned 5 ° force to play to the extreme, larger diameter 20mm carbon tube.

Aluminum Folding, Nylon Clamp (Tightened Clamp) 8 hole motor mount, compatible with more motors.

Motor Block Diagonal wheelbase of about 850mm, maximum support 16-inch paddle.

Center plate size 245mm * 180mm more space, the middle plate height of about 35mm.

Hook head with 10 * 330mm long carbon tube, can be free to stretch the length you want, with the porous bit PTZ board.

Tripod with a diameter of 16mm carbon tube, height 350mm, tripod crossbar 500mm, more stable grounding area.

Tripod with double-tube carbon fiber as support, bear the force of more than 50kg.


20mm carbon tube arm
16mm + 10mm carbon tube tripod
3.0 mm botton center plate
1.5mm upper center plate
Aluminum alloy folding pieces
Nylon mixed carbon pipe clamp
Plastic tripod connection (force 50kg)
The net weight of frame kit  is about 1210g

Recommended items(not included):
3508-380kv motor
6s 22.2v 25c Lithium battery
1555/1547 15 inch cw ccw props