RadioLink T8FB 2.4GHz 8ch Transmitter $20

Item No.: 6555

Product Description

Product Description:

1, full function

Support helicopter, fixed wing, glider, multi-rotor models. According to your model needs special customization, omnipotent.

2, heritage of industrial design

With the appearance of AT9 industrial design company, independent innovation modeling, adhere to professional design, perfect feeling.

3, online upgrade

Unique analog interface online upgrade mode, just a Le Di dedicated upgrade line, no need to install the driver, easy to upgrade, compatible with a variety of operating systems.

4, human operation

Extremely simple operation, so that users even if the manual is still on the side can still use T8FB powerful features.

5, the proven anti-interference

Follow the majority of users have been praised T7F wireless communication spread spectrum technology to achieve the same frequency interference under the smooth remote control.

6, S-BUS / PPM bus

Compatible with FUTABA S-BUS interface, support for single-line control of the flight control board. S-BUS, PPM and PWM three signals can be used simultaneously.

1.T8FB Size: 173 * 102 * 206mm; R8EH Size: 48.5 * 21 * 11mm

2. Weight: 0.47kg (including receiver)

3. Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz ~ 2483.5MHz)

4. Modulation mode: GFSK

5. Channel bandwidth: 400KHz

6. Channel spacing: 1200KHz

7. Transmitting power: <100mW (20dBM)

8. Receiving sensitivity: -104dBM

9. Remote control distance: air stability distance of 1000 meters (the actual control of the distance and the flight environment)

10. Spread mode: FHSS

11. Lead inhibition ratio:> 36dBM

12. Transmission rate: 38kbps

13.PWM output range: 1.0ms ~ 2.0ms

14. Channel resolution: 2000, each level 0.5us

15. Frame transmission cycle 15ms / per frame

16. Remote control T8FB Operating voltage: 4.8V ~ 18V

17. Remote control T8FB Operating current: <110mA