QAV 250 kit RTF quadcopter Frame

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Product Description

QAV 250 RTF quadcopter Frame Racing+ CC3D Flight Controller +LHI MT2204 2300KV Motor
Simonk fpv12A ESC + 5030 propeller AT9S for FPV
Product Description
This is RTF version, our technician had assembled this quadcopter and have tested it and pre-flied.If you purchase, will be issued together with attractive packaging.
QAV 250mm Racing Quadcopter is fully assembled, tuned and tested by the technician. The drone is easy to fly and maintain and it is very powerful. When you get it, then you can fly. MT2204 2300KV Motor  give the Robocat 270 quad more powers, push the throttle, you will feel the fast reaction of the drone.
QAV 250 Racing Quadcopter drone comes with high quality MT2204 2300KV brushless Motor (New Version), Simonk 12A ESC,  CC3D flight controller .
Material(QAV 250mm Racing Quadcopter Frame): Full carbon fiber
Remote Controller: Type: AT9S; Channel: 9 channels, 5-9 channels are customizable; Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2485MHZ) ; Remote Controller Distance: 900m
Flight Controller: CC3D
Brushless Motor: MT2204 2300KV brushless Motor (CW/CCW)
Brushless ESC: Simonk 12A ESC
Charging Voltage: 110 - 240V
Flight Time: 12 - 15min
Package Include:
1 × QAV 250 Racing Quadcopter Frame 
1 × QAV250 Racer Quadrocopter Box 
1 × AT9S Remote Controller & Receiver
1 × CC3D Flight Controller
4 × LHI MT2204 2300KV brushless Motor 
4 × Simonk 12A ESC
4pair × 5030 Plastic Propeller 
1 × RC Quadcopter ESC Power Distribution Board
4 × RGB 5050 LED Lights Board 7 Color 12V w / DIP Switch
Note: Those who buy the whole RTF friends, you can get free 2PCS EMAX 2204motor and 2pcs EMAXsimonk12A ESC, flights, due to logistic reasons the battery is not being exported, so without batteries, please understand, thank you