8CH Dual Conversion Synthesized Receiver $12

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Product Description


1. Switch the frequency freely with the RP82L 8CH dual conversion synthesized receiver.
2. The 'one button' function makes it extremely easy to scan automatically and lock transmitter frequency.
3. With excellent receiving function, the receiving distance reaches as far as 1 mile.
4. The dual ceramic IF filters ensure ultra narrow selectivity, and can reject adjacent channel interference effectively.
5. Identify the shift polarity of the transmitter (FUTABA, JR) automatically.
6. DSP technology filters noise intelligently, also improves anti-interference function, and more suit for using in complex  environment.
7. Failsafe protecting function to put servos in a predetermined position in case of lost signal reception.
Size: 1.8"x0.9"x0.5" (49x24x14mm)
Weight: 9.2g (with shrink wrap)
Sensitivity: better than 2.0μV
Selectivity: ±8kHz at 65dB down
No. of channels: 1-8
RF technology: Dual tuned RF circuitry
Analog filtering: Dual 4 pole ceramic filter
Digital filtering: DSP filtering with mild algorithm
Modulation: FM/PPM
Shift polarity: Positive or Negative (auto detect)
Case: Shrink wrap
Operating Voltage: 4.8V~6.0VDC
Operating Current: 24mA.

1. Restart the receiver when the set up process of Disabling or enabling the failsafe is completed.
2. While in Mode I, Mode II or Model III you can cut power to cancel the setting process. Do not cut power in the process of locking receiver, disabling failsafe or enabling failsafe. Otherwise your receiver may be damaged.
3. After enabling failsafe, please readjust the transmitter settings of sticks and switches for the correct flight conditions.
Installing the receiver:
1. Plug in all the servos/ESC. Pay attention to the polarity of the connectors. Please consult the labels on the case for the channel numbers and polarity.
Caution: If the polarity of the plugs is wrong, it can damage the servos/ESC.
2. If not using an ESC with a built in battery eliminator circuit (BEC), plug a 4.8V battery/switch harness into any unused channel. If you are using all the channels for servos, use a Y harness to connect the battery and servo to 1 channel.
3.Wrap the receiver in foam to isolate it from vibration and secure it in the aircraft with for instance a rubber band.
4. Unwind the antenna fully. Do not coil or cut the antenna.


8CH Dual Conversion