Huawei Talkband B2 Bluetooth Smart Bracelet

Item No.: 6347

Product Description

Main features:

Size Height            

  Leather strap version 235.10mm
  TPU plastic version 242.85mm
  Leather strap version:32.2g(headset:12.5g,strap with tray:19.7g)
  TPU plastic strap version:30.6g(headset:12.5g,strap with tray:18.1g)
 Connectivity          Bluetooth 3.0
 Calling Quality      Dual-mic reduction
 Battery                  95mAh
 Display                 0.73-inch, 128x88
 Working time        6 days (Depend on wireless call usage time)
 Standby time        14 days (BT connection off)
 Charging time       About 1.5 hour
 Button                   Single button control,touch screen
 Interface               Standard Micro USB charging
 Sensors                A+G-sensors
 IP57                      Water and Dust resistance
 OS                        Android 4.0+